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McGregor Reflection Pool

This project will renovate and restore the reflecting pool according to its original design, but with current design and construction technologies.  The McGregor Memorial Conference Center and adjacent reflecting pool were designed by famed architect Minoru Yamasaki and constructed in 1957-58.  The McGregor Memorial Conference Center was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in January 2011 as an important nationally and internationally recognized building. 

The project scope includes significant repairs to the existing concrete systems to make them structurally stable.  The repaired pool structure will receive a strong bonding and highly elastic spray applied black waterproofing membraneto support the original reflecting pool intent.  Plumbing and mechanical components will be replaced to provide proper water filtering and circulation, and new lighting will be added to enhance the drama of the reflecting pool at night.  Landscaping within the sculpture court will include new white marble aggregate precast pavers for the islands embellished with exotic planting materials to mimic Yamasaki’s original design, and existing boulders and art work will be reinstalled in their original positions, after they have been restored.  The project scope also includes reconstructing the existing concrete ramp at the west end of the reflecting pool to meet current barrier free access standards, and the replacement of pavement within the courtyard.



McGregor reflection pool before



McGregor reflection pool after


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